At long last, we had a lesbian couple back in the First Dates restaurant, it seems to have been a while since we last saw two girls dating in this series.

Becca and John


Irish 27-year-old computer science graduate and nurse Becca has the brains and the beauty but her love life is lacking. She’s looking for someone who enjoys watching documentaries, talking science, or just generally geeking out over going out. She’s not had a boyfriend in four years, and believes the romantic side of her is now covered in dust.

Becca’s match for tonight is technology salesman John, 24, from Kent. He talks just as equally nerdy stuff as Becca. Poor John has a fear of First Dates, but he’s looking for a petite, blonde, with a quirky side. Perfect match, surely?

So where do you start when you’re both geeky? Bonding over David Attenborough of course. Unfortunately John overstepped the mark by not only admitting he preferred David Beckham, but that he’d go gay for him too. “You can see why I’m shit at first dates now” he quickly retorts.

John seemed very shy, and clearly struggles on a First Date. He explained he’s not the best communicator generally, and even has his own words for things. Something he puts down to learning to talk at a late age.

Becca has a bit of a quirky side too. She went to a party and fell off a table, and now struggles to smell or taste, especially when it comes to food. Competing each other in the weirdness stake seemed to bring them together.

John thought he’d fluffed it, despite the two flirting outrageously towards the end. Thankfully Becca was up for another drink, and John was very pleased to learn this. We didn’t get an update at the end of the show, I just hope John hasn’t bumped into David Beckham in Richmond…

Ali and Julie


64-year-old toy entrepreneur Ali from Surrey has even brought his most famous game involving a ‘Poo Head’ hat to the dinner table. Much to the enjoyment of Fred. But will Ali’s creative contraptions woo over his date?

61-year-old divorcee and English teacher Julie from Exeter is Ali’s date. Julie is always doing something – she loves the gym and she loves swimming, for instance.

Julie and Ali both know what they like when it comes to food and drink. Julie was very keen on sharing starters to make the most of the menu, something Ali didn’t disagree with. I’m the same, except women tend not to get a look in with the food.

The pair both bonded over the divorced life, and how they didn’t want ‘companionship’ but want more from life. Something far more exciting.

Julie was very impressed by Ali’s magical tricks, and his Iranian charm too. She was more than delighted to see Ali again, and they already had their hands over each other by the end of the night.

Sadly despite spending another day together, the pair decided away from the First Dates restaurant they weren’t as suited as they thought.

Charlie and Tania


Casino croupier Charlie, 27, from Birmingham is looking for some excitement in life. She wants a new girlfriend, someone with sex appeal, and someone she can marry.

Cutting-edge fashion designer Tania, 32, from Leeds is looking for someone to make her dreams come true. She says she’s looking for someone to enjoy M&S dinner for two – I’m assuming that’s not the dreams she was talking about though.

The two talked a lot about family, and the close bonds they share. For Charlie this was a painful discussion point, she lost her mother to suicide, an area which clearly leaves her feeling sad and angry. However she was also accepting of what had happened too. Charlie is hoping she can find someone who realises her outlook on life is very different following this tragic incident.

The pair got on ridiculously well, flirting, and talking innuendo throughout. It was little surprise to learn Charlie and Tania were planning to keep their date going until breakfast time the next day.

Carl and Marissa


Menswear blogger Carl, 35, from London is all about the social media. 40,000 people follow him on Instagram to see what he’s wearing. He’s looking for someone bubbly with a spark.

Tailor-made for Carl is Marissa, 28, from London. She loves a guy with the rough look, so Carl’s facial hair should start to get the spark going.

Carl says he gives everything in a relationship and hates being let down. His last relationship was only six months ago, and it all seemed a bit raw.

Marissa had been dating someone who let her down too – she was seeing someone seriously only for the guy to turn out to be moving to Cairo without her.

Things took a different past when Marissa encouraged Carl to take up some yoga in the restaurant. Carl wasn’t particularly having much of it though. He was more interested in getting to the important bit in the date – when they were going to hold hands and have a steamy kiss. They didn’t have to hold off long to experience that, and once they got kissing, Marissa couldn’t stop asking for more.

By this point it was clear the two were up for seeing each other again. Sadly despite more dates, the two didn’t end up an item, but they’d given it a try.

Josh and Tammi


Geeky Josh certainly made an impression as soon as he arrived at Merlin’s bar. The 31-year-old from London has a phobia of bananas, and was put off by those sat in a fruit bowl on the table. He’s far from a manly man, so he’s hoping to find someone who isn’t looking for that kind of person. He’s looking for someone who can feel like a friend as much as anything else. Perhaps he’s on the wrong show if that’s the case.

Nonetheless hooking up with him tonight is graduate recruitment coordinator Tammi, 27, from London. She’s now been single six years, and is starting to think she’s doing something really wrong.

Poor Josh was raising eyebrows when things got kicked off. The conversation didn’t seem to be flowing particularly fast, leaving Merlin looking confused at the bar.

Josh seemed very hung up on the fact he’s no manly man. He was drinking a lot of beer to paint a different picture about himself, and had even been to the gym a lot because he’d tried to “bulk up”. Clearly it wasn’t quite working.

Tammi’s had a difficult past. She was bullied as a child, in one of her few relationships she was dumped by Facebook. Being able to deal with that she took up dancing, which was her way of expressing herself.

Things got awkward when it came to dessert time though, Josh didn’t like the idea of a banana split, and this prompted even more awkwardness.

There’s no surprise by the end of this Josh and Tammi were therefore not planning a second date. Although when you’re looking for someone who’s more like a friend, is it any wonder?

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