It’s the era of the resignation. Since the EU referendum, in just a space of two weeks, we’ve seen plenty. From Nigel Farage to David Cameron to Chris Evans and the England manager and most of the Labour front bench. Even Lucy Alexander off Homes Under the Hammer (it’s a travesty, my mum assures me).

If you had asked me if Jeremy Corbyn could overstay all of the above, I would not have believed you, but he’s still in post. Even Katie Hopkins has praised him for his courage (I can’t tell if this is something to shout about or not).

However, what’s most alarming is how the architects of the Brexit vote have acted like rats deserting a sinking ship. “Leave” campaigners are no longer campaigning for us to leave the EU, but for them to leave politics altogether.

Nigel Farage has gone off supposedly to have a life (although still claiming the full allowances from the EU despite hardly attending meetings at all). That’s his third attempt at resigning. No doubt he will return when everyone has forgotten why he resigned three times before.

Boris Johnson only gave it a week before he gave up, ducking out of the Tory leadership race when Michael Gove entered the competition. As I previously suggested, it seems like Cameron made it harder for him to become a popular Prime Minister after failing to trigger Article 50. Enough to put him off wanting to seize power. According to his latest column it was wrong for the government to offer it as a choice without explaining what it meant, but presumably fine to actively campaign for it.

Gisela Stuart MP, co-chair of Vote Leave, became another politician to have lost their tongue, but did pop up once more to tell politicians to stop treating immigrants like bargaining chips. After doing just that when encouraging people to leave.

David Cameron, of course, who proposed the referendum in the first place as an exercise of controlling his party has already planned his exit too.

It seems they all have left it to someone else to pick up the pieces.

Even the Leave website itself seems to have resigned, with much of the content which outlined the promises for Brexit removed in a quick redesign. No more mentions of the £350m going to the NHS, or how the country would operate if the country backed their plans. It’s no wonder they all sound confused.

Yet somehow with all that’s going on in the UK the media has still yet to deconstruct what’s happened to the Leave campaign as the Tory sideshow continues to be a huge distraction, much like during the campaign itself.

Who will tender the next resignation? It can only be hours away. In the meantime, a video of Michael Gove rapping.

Written by Jono Read
Jono Read is a 30 year old writer from Norfolk. He is a social media manager and a digital campaigner. He blogs about politics, popular culture, and marketing.