I used to think I knew a lot about politics and about what people wanted from politicians. But this year has really tested me. I mean I understand the frustration that people want a different kind of politics that speaks for them. It’s part of the reason why they voted for Brexit and Trump, but I’m starting to think the main reason is because they want a shit storm.

I mean take this week for example. For a moment let’s take Trump out of the equation and look at what’s happening with this Tory government over here in Britain. Let’s stop laughing at the country across the pond, and look a bit closer to home.

They started the week by arguing in national newspapers about a very expensive pair of leather trousers. This is while there’s a humanitarian crisis in Syria, and still no one knows what the hell is going on with Brexit. But yes, leather trousers was top of the agenda, and dictated who could turn up for meetings at Downing Street. Meetings where they presumably argued about tea and biscuits and then packed up and went home.

It was revealed Boris Johnson, who had already been ticked off this week for comments about Saudi Arabia which Theresa May didn’t like, was found to have spent £320,000 on a water cannon for London. Which is now being sold. The tank came fitted with a CD player, which is said to have cost Boris approximately £1,000 of taxpayers’ money when Halfords presumably could have done it for £80.

Today Theresa May has been looking like Billy No Mates on the international stage because most of her allies now don’t care for her due to Brexit. She looked like me at awkward parties, before mobile phones were a thing. And the Transport Secretary, while failing to get a grip on the trains, has been failing to get a grip on his car steering wheel. He managed to knock someone off their bike.

And yet despite this being just one week in politics, the Tories remain strong in the opinion polls. I accept that Jeremy Corbyn isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but as I type he’s holding a rally on the NHS and the urgent need for better social care. Something useful, like politicians used to do back in the day.

So I can only conclude people really do seem to love a shit storm.

Written by Jono Read
Jono Read is a 30 year old writer from Norfolk. He is a social media manager and a digital campaigner. He blogs about politics, popular culture, and marketing.