It’s not often men turn up to the First Dates restaurant looking for love after getting turned down by girls from Thailand, but one guy tonight did just that.

Tallulah and Teddy


Singer song writer Tallulah is looking to hit the high notes and make sweet music with another lady. The 21-year-old from Manchester turned up in the restaurant sporting bright pink hair. She’s looking for someone older than her, someone with something to grab on to, and someone who can offer a good sex life.

Tallulah’s date is model and nightclub owner Teddy, 26, from London who is looking for her soul mate. She’s a big fan of girls who can sing, so could this be a winning scenario?

Teddy signed up to the show because a psychic told her at the age of 26 she would meet her soul mate in a restaurant. She’s been looking to settle down since the age of 16, but that is yet to have happened. Part of her struggle was growing up in a little village in Cornwall, where she was considered the ‘only gay in the village’. She’s only had one relationship so far.

Tallulah on the other hand has been single for a year, and not really had a serious relationship to her name. She’s used to the one-night stands after visiting gay clubs, but it never really appealed.

The flirting seemed to flow throughout the evening, and despite some reservations, the pair seemed to have a lot in common. They agreed to a second date, or at least to keep the drinks flowing until late that night.

Derek and Lisa


Financial analyst Derek is looking for somebody who can raise his interest rate. The 45-year-old from Chichester is often seen as the nice guy, the sort of person you can take home to meet the parents. He’s also a smooth mover, and loves a bit of disco.

Derek’s date is mother-of-two Lisa. There were all the squeals as the 45-year-old revealed she loves a dancer who is an outgoing one. She’s also looking someone who, just like Derek, is a sensitive soul.

In other similarities both Derek and Lisa work in finance. Derek within banking, Lisa within the finance office of her local school.

Both Derek and Lisa have struggled with online dating. From to Tinder, they’ve tried them all, but struggled to find anyone who appeals on there.

Poor Derek had previously had a girlfriend who moved in with him, but she ended up moving out for someone else. Derek’s difficulty with women he puts down to his mother dying when he was a teenager.

Lisa on the other hand has had problems in previous relationships. She feels taken for granted by some men. She’s always found it a bit difficult getting commitment as a mother.

The conversation soon got flowing between Derek and Lisa when they moved on to the passion of dancing. “Disco Del” we’re assured is Derek’s nickname.

After agreeing to split the bill this pair respectfully agreed not to meet again, although this was more on Lisa’s part than Derek’s. He seemed visibly upset the pair wouldn’t meet again.

Daniel and Lorna


32-year-old Daniel is a “visual glazing enhancer”, better known as a window cleaner. He’s just out of a long fling, and has turned up ready to dazzle. Fred even thought he was so smooth he looked like he could be out of an 80s boy band.

Daniel thinks his problem is he falls in love too easily. His last girlfriend was a Thai girlfriend, who he met in Thailand, after falling in love with her after three days.

He’s not been single long, the bad news that she’s disappeared was delivered by text only a month before filming. He’s not on a rebound though, although he did seem still upset about it.

Daniel’s ideal date is Margot Robbie, so 38-year-old Margot Robbie look-alike Lora should be right up his street. As a beautician she’s very keen to look at her best to assure her customers, and she was certainly looking her best tonight.

Lora is very much attracted to younger guys and someone who looks after himself.

It didn’t take Daniel long to start talking about his Thai girlfriend, who was supposedly born with four toes. I’m not sure it’s the wisest conversation opener, although it certainly got Lorna intrigued.

Lora meanwhile was trying to work her beautician magic on Daniel. Within minutes she was talking about tidying up his nostrils.

While Lora hasn’t been to Thailand, she has a wild streak to her. They shared a mutual liking of house music and partying in places like Ibiza.

Lora sadly felt that Daniel needed more time to get over his Thai girlfriend, and the pair agreed there wasn’t a real spark there, despite a lot of flirting and some attraction. Daniel’s still on the look out for a new girlfriend, irrespective on the number of toes she has.

Ellie and Mark


Advertising account manager Ellie certainly looked on trend, but when it comes to romance, she’s pretty old school. The 23-year-old from London wants to be written love letters rather than being texted. Ellie’s ideal guy would be tall and muscly.

So firefighter Mark and his experience in steamy situations could be just the guy for Ellie. The 26-year-old from Essex is ripped, and thinks his best feature is his arms. Ellie seemed convinced within minutes.

Mark’s previous relationship was living with someone for seven years, until one day she was packing her stuff, and getting ready to move in with someone else. His trust issues didn’t seem to end there. He never met his real dad. He walked out on his mum when he found out she was pregnant.

By contrast the bonds in Ellie’s family is what she has looked up to. Especially her grandma and granddad. Her granddad was a real gentleman, and she wants someone like him in the modern age.

She wants someone who will pay the bill on dates, someone who opens the door for girls, someone who calls her “babe”. She promises to be very vocal about something she doesn’t like. No doubt her opinions will cause divide on social media. While she firmly believes in these stereotypes, she can’t work a washing machine, so don’t expect everything to be traditional.

Ellie was keen to be given a fireman’s lift out of the restaurant. It was obvious the two were going to meet again, she seemed besotted from the moment he showed his biceps off.

Sadly before Ellie could sample Mark’s cooking he had found someone else, and the two never did meet again.

Carlo and Francesca


42-year-old Carlo already has a significant woman in his life – his mother. His parents, who are from Naples, very much dictate his life.

Carlo has only had one relationship in his life, the rest were one night stands. His mum would be over the moon if he could meet an Italian girl.

36-year-old lawyer Francesca also has Italian heritage. She had previously dated an Italian called Carlo, but this one unfortunately cheated on him. At least she isn’t going to forget his name.

Carlo is under pressure from his family as most of his friends have married with children. He’s taken up cooking, because he now has so much spare time on his hands. His parents wanted him married at 21.

Francesca didn’t go down the traditional route of marriage and then kids, she fell pregnant nine months ago, and now is a single mum. She feels caught up about the fact many men don’t want to meet a single parent on a dating app, but Carlo didn’t seem to mind.

Carlo was insistent on paying the full bill while Francesca was in the toilet on the phone to her friend, explaining she doesn’t fancy him. While she explained this in the interview room it was clear Carlo was disappointed.  He put it down to First Dates nerves.

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